The LEGO Movie: Official Blooper Reel, It's Awesome

While the LEGO Movie is still being shown in many cinemas houses around the country, Warner Bros. released another clip from the movie. It's actually not an official trailer, featurette or behind the scenes video clip, it's called the Lego Movie Blooper Reel which a two-and-a-half minute long video. And EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! Scroll down and watch the video clip below.

It's hard to believe and I think this is the first time that a blooper video is coming from an animated film like the Lego Movie. Of course it's a planned one unlike the usual blooper we see everywhere but it does not matter, it's still awesome and funny right? I have seen the movie and I just loved it. Pretty sure there will be more movies to come in the future. This first Lego Movie is filled with many characters we grew up with like Batman, Wonder Woman, Gandalf the White and many more. Who else you want to see in the sequel if there will be one?

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