Samsung Galaxy S5 Has Been Announced at MWC 2014

Hours before Samsung announced the the new Galaxy S5 flaghip smartphone, images of the device leaked online from different tipsters. I hoped that the photos I was looking at were not the actual S5 smartphone, because I did not like it. But as I was watching the live stream of the Unpacked 5 event, my fear became a reality. I checked the online community and see if I was the only one who was feeling disappointed about the new device, I was not. I am talking about the design of the device which is very similar to the previous Galaxy S and even Note devices. But in terms of features and functions found inside the Galaxy S5, they rock.

Let me start with the basics first, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a bit bigger than the Galaxy S4 featuring a 5.1-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display, 1920x1080 resolution with 432ppi. Processor is much powerful than the S4 at 2.5GHz Quad-core chip but no more Octa-core variants, 2GB of RAM. 16GB and 32GB storage options which support microSD card up to 128GB. Android 4.4 Kitkat. 16MP rear and 2.1MP front cameras. 4G LTE. 2,800mAh Battery. Available in Black, White, Gold and Blue color secltions. That back dimpled soft-touch finish cover you see in the image above is removable which means users can exchange that with other covers.

One of the highlights of this Galaxy S5 is the inclusion of the Fingerprint Scanner feature in the home button which works almost the same way as the Touch ID in Apple iPhone 5S. During presentation at the Mobile World Conference 2014 in Spain, Samsung said this feature adds more security not just in using the phone but also in making purchases or PayPal payments verification. On the back just right below the camera sits the heart rate sensor, just pull up the app on the phone, then place your finger on the lens and the device should be able to show you your current heart beat rate. Samsung also boasts the new feature called "Download Booster" which makes the downloading process blazing fast with the help of WiFi and LTE connectivity combined.

The device is also IP67 certified which makes it water and dust resistant, that means getting the device water submerged up to three feet deep is not going to be a problem even up to 30 minutes at a time is also fine. The charging port was also upgraded to USB 3.0 that also comes with port cover to protect the device everytime it gets wet. From a slimy and glossy plastic back covering, good thing Samsung changed it with a new feel and touch so it won't easily slide off surfaces which is a common complaint about the Galaxy S4. The back cover of the device you see in the picture is detachable and interchangeable so users can select the color they want whenever they want.    

Selective Focus is also one of the new things I heard about the S5 which allows the users to change focus on a shot after an image is taken or captured. Auto-focus is a now-common feature in smartphones but Sammy made improvements in this one, usually when a camera is auto-focusing it takes time, in the S5 it will only take users about 0.3 second of wait time making it as instant as possible after aiming the camera at a subject. Let us also take note that Galaxy S5's camera is capable of 4k video recording. As for connectivity this new Samsung baby supports, as expected, LTE cateory 4, fifth generation of WiFi 802.11ac and 2X2 MIMO. Combining this two technologies in one use at the same time makes the downloading process super fast which made the Download Booster feature born into existence.

Also one of the aims of the 5th-gen Galaxy S is to help users stay fit by having the S Health 3.0. It is a fitness oriented feature that helps users track their behaviour along with the help of other tools such as pedometer, diet and exercise records and of course the heart rate monitor. Samsung Knox 2.0 is also added here which provides advanced security features, a very nice feature that should attract business minded people. The Ultra Power Saving mode also debuts here and to me this is one of best features Samsung created on their smartphones ever. This feature switches the smartphone's entire display to black and white and turns off non-essential applications on the phone. Samsung gave an example that when the phone hits 10% of remaining battery life, switching to Ultra Power Saving Mode will be able to make he phone lasts up to the next 24 hours before dying.

The pricing though for the 145-gram Samsung Galaxy S5 was not revealed at the event, but I believe it is most likely to be priced the same amount with the current Galaxy S4 when it was released last year. Before Samsung ended their Unpacked5 event, they mentioned that all of the devices they just unveiled are going to be available worldwide starting the 11th of April. The Korea-based company also officially announced the Gear 2 and the unexpected Gear Fit.

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