Sony Sells Its New Mp3 Player in a Bottle With Water

In an effort to boost sales on Sony's new W Series MP3 Walkman, Sony company in New Zealand takes a different approach on selling their waterproof entertainment player. They packaged it in a bottle with water in it. Bright idea right? This is after all the main selling point of the new MP3 player so why not display it while showing off its flagship offering. This idea came to life when Sony hired the New Zealand based advertising firm DraftFCB.

If we talk about MP3 players most of the time the first option is Apple's iPod shuffle and this is one of the reasons why they needed to have a new and different marketing strategy to consumers notice this product and what it can do that most competitors can't. And yes, this is a very clever way of selling your good. I would definitely believe in the product in what it is claiming to be a waterproof device especially when seeing the device already doing what it is designed to do even before purchasing it. I hope this packaging will hit our local market to see it first hand how cool it is. I also hope the price is not that pocket-hurting.  

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