"Starting Over Again" Movie Review

Finally my wife, my daughter and I had our chance to see Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga's first movie together "Starting Over Again" since it was released on February 12, 2014. Watching this Star Cinema film is very significant to me as this is the first Pinoy movie I have seen with my wife after years since the last time we watched a Tagalog movie back in Manila and this is also the very first, for both of us, watching a movie together with our daughter. And I can sense that there will be alot more movies to come that three of us will be watching in our favorite movie houses around. Buti na rin at maganda ang kinalabasan ng pelikulang ito. There are only two reasons why I review a movie, either I am satisfied or not happy with it, and fortunately this one is because of the first reason.

Binabalaan na kita na may mga spoilers akong mababanggit through out this review so if you are a type of person who hates movie spoilers and also at the same time has a plan to watch the film, I would suggest you come back once you've seen it. Kung wala kang paki-alam sa spoilers, you may continue reading this post. : )

First of all my faith in Philippine movie industry has been declining since I became a movie fanatic especially when I started to see great films from foreign countries. Their special effects, story line, scripts and cinematography are way too far from our own. At mula nang halos puro love story na lang ang tema ng mga pelikulang Pinoy ang mga inilalabas ng satin, liban na lang tuwing Metro Manila Film Festival, ay talagang nakakawalang gana panoorin sa pinilakang tabing ika nga. Tingin ko marami ang sasang-ayon diyan. Nung mga panahong sobrang talamak ang pamimirata ng mga pelikula sa bansa, lalo pang dumausdos ang industriya sa bansa. Mabuti na lang at hindi sumusuko ang ating mga producers at ilan pang mga tao sa ganitong larangan ng sining. That never-say-die attitude of this industry is what I respect the most. With the recent Filipino movie releases in the country, I am really happy to say and see that more and more Filipinos are now going back to the big screens to watch these movies instead of online streaming it, downloading it from the internet or wait for the pirated DVD copies to arrive.

Now going back to "Starting Over Again", I have to admit that the quality of cinematoghraphy in this film has improved. Sobrang linaw ng picture at ng audio lalo na yung angle ng bawat eksena. I could feel that the cameras used in this one were upgraded ones and more high ends than what I have seen and felt in the previous Pinoy movies I have watched. Kudos for that part.

Like what I have said, I am very satisfied with this movie. This Olivia Lamasan-directed picture was able to make the audience laugh, giggle and even cry althrough out the movie thanks to Toni Gonzaga's acting skills. Medyo may kabigatan kasi yung situation ng love story kaya kung walang halong comedy, at sa tingin ko kung hindi si Toni yung actress, e boring lang yung kalalabasan ng movie. Big part of the movie happened after their break up, there is a quick summary of how their love story started and then almost the rest of the pic was told after the break up part and many past memories of Ginny and Marco (Toni and Piolo) as bf-bf were just in flashback format. We know that flashbacks or remembering happy moments of the past whether good or bad somehow brings sadness to us everytime we think about them.

I just got a little confused because at the beggining of the story it was Marco who was narrating but the entire pic is focused or told on Ginny side. Mas nafeel ko pa yung nararamdaman ng character ni Toni kaysa sa kay Piolo. So when the movie was starting I thought the whole story would be from Marco's point of view. Another thing that confused me a bit is that it was not told in the movie, as I remember, why and how Marco quit his job as a professor and persue his carrer being a chef. As I also understand, being in a situation of Marco where his ex (Ginny) is there again wanting to have him back and  give her a second chance while he is with his new girlfriend and at the same time still inlove with Ginny is kind of a struggling scenario to be in, although Marco admitted it to Giinny at the end of the film how hard it is to in that kind of situation and how hard it was to decide whether he would go back to Ginny's arms or stay with his current girlfriend and that he still loves Ginny, it was not clearly portrayed during the course of the story not just in words but most especially in action. Sana binigyan pa ng solong airtime yung character ni Piolo na nahihirapan talaga siya sa sitwasyon lalo na sa pagpili kung babalik ba siya o mananatili na lang sa kasalukuyan. I also understand that Marco was already in the state of "have-already-moved-on" by the time na nagkita na sila sa isang resto for their first business meeting.

This Starting Over Again serves as a breath of fresh air as the ending of it is not the usual "happy ending" we see in most of the Filipino romantic movies in the past. The writers and creators of this one took time to provide us a look at what happens in the other side of a love story which is also a reality. Not every love story has happy endings and not-so-good endings should teach us a lesson that each party should not just understand but also apply them in the future relationship. That's what I really like about this movie apart from Toni Gonzaga (my favorite local actress) being in the lead role.

One other thing that I liked about the film is how the trailer was rendered, it was already obvious that the movie would be a success when the trailer was released. It was, to me, was perfectly cut and every scene was perfectly selected. Of course not to mention the beautiful theme song that was chosen which also the title of the movie. Many Pinoy movies do not really create original songs for their pic and that is one of the things I do not like about that section of entertainment (including teleseryes). But the song "Starting Over Again" is just perfect for this one where most people are familiar with.  

May isang eksena na sinabi ni Ginny na kung hindi lang daw sana niya tinanggihan ang wedding proposal ni Marco, malamang daw sana ay sobrang saya na nila pareho sa mga sandaling iyon. Just a little background, sa part ng eksena na ito, pareho na silang mga tagumpay sa kanilang mga career. Si Ginny as architect and Marco as a Chef with resto business. Dun sa dialogue na bitawan ni Ginny e medyo hindi lang ako agree. Bakit kamo? Kasi one of the reasons why she declined the marriage proposal is that she was starting to see his father's fate in Marco, yung tipong wala nang masyadong pangarap o hindi na masyadong desidido sa pagkamit ng kanyang pangarap na maging chef at magkabusiness, yung takot siya na matulad si Marco sa tatay nya na talunan. Hindi na ito tungkol sa movie no but more of a side comment about the line. Kung halimbawa sa totoong buhay ito naganap at tinanggap niya yung wedding proposal, may tsansa na hindi sila magiging kung ano sila sa mga sandaling iyon. I believe in the saying that, which is also found in the Bible, na bad things happen for good reasons, that good things may fall apart so that better things can fall together . Kung hindi sila nagkahiwalay, may pagkakataon na hindi na lang nag aral sa Barcelona si Ginny o hindi na naging chef si Marco. Yun lang.  hehehe.

Overall I really liked the whole film, the cast, the story and the execution of every scene. Not that much for the script though. They said the movie took almost 8 months to finish which I think more than usual time frame to complete a movie like this but it does not really matter as the outcome was great and a success. I hope to see more and more quality Pinoy movies in the future especially every Metro Manila Film Festival.

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