Frustrated With Flappy Bird? Try Squishy Bird!

Are you getting too frustrated and too stressed with the ridiculously hard-to-get-high-scores Flappy Bird game? You might want to try its web-based parody game, the Squishy Bird

Unlike in the Flappy Bird where players have to guide the ugly duckling through the pipes by tapping the screen to keep it afloat and make sure it does not hit any of the Super Mario looking green pipes, in the Squishy Bird players this time control the pipes and have to not let any of that bird or duck-looking avian creature pass through. Simply click anywhere on the screen to get the birds smashed by that clapping green pipes.

This Squishy Bird game, like the Flappy Bird has a very simple game mechanics, do not let any bird pass beyond the pipes. I tried it and believe me it's very simple and easy. It's looks brutal though, when a bird or birds get smashed by those pipes, they will be forcefully crushed into blood pulp. Ouch. Click on the link above to visit the site and give it a try so that your frustration with the insanely popular Flappy Bird will be lessen. The more birds you crush the higher the score will be, if you hit more than one bird at a time you get a much higher score for that.

I just learned that the Flappy Bird creator is a Vietnamese named Dong Nguyen, this game was originally released in May 2013 for iPhone 5. According to his interview with The Verge, Nguyen claims that his game is currently earning him around $50k from the game's in-app advertisements. That's a lot of money. And he also added that currently he has no plan of updating the game as he said "Flappy Bird has reached a state where anything added to the game will ruin it."

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