[New Featurette] 300: Rise of an Empire - "Heroes of 300"

Warner Bros, through its "300" Facebook page released yet another 300: Rise of an Empire featurette entitled "Heroes of 300" showcasing never-before-scenes from the movie, scenes and scripts that have never been seen and heard from the previous trailers and featurettes the studio has released. And that is what I like about this one, even though it is only two days left for us to see the whole pic, Warner Bros still released and included those scenes in this clip. Plus I think this is also the first time I saw director Noam Murro talking about this movie.

After watching this, do not forget to also watch the previous featurette that was released a couple of days ago which talks about the "Villains of 300" such as Artemesia by Eva Green and of course the god-king Xerxes played by Rodrigo Santoro.

300:" Rise of the Empire is based on Frank Miller's graphic novel "Xerxes" which is also a follow up one from 300 graphic that he released in 1998. This movie will open on March 6, 2014 in all Philippine cinemas.

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