[Updated] Angry Birds Epic with a Twist of RPG, See Gameplay Trailer Here

Angry Birds Epic, that would be the official name of the new popular mobile game from Rovio. But this time, the game play is not the same as the one we know it in the universe of Angry Birds. The Finnish company has turned it into a Final Fantasy-like game play or a RPG ( Role-Playing Game) format, a thing that has never seen before in the brids-pigs fighting games.

According to Kotaku, unlike the previous and current Angry Birds in the wild, the "EPIC" will feature a role-playing game with turn-based combat system. Aside from that players can also build or craft their own birdie warrior by buying weapons, power-ups or maybe potions and even battle armor which was first shown in the teaser clip that was released last week. And the game will most likely feature in-game currency to be used for purchasing those mentioned above. These currency or coins is also likely to be earned through winning battles or as the players level up and via in-app purchases functionality.

Angry Birds Epic had a soft launch in Australi and Canada late last week on iTunes and after that a global roll out for Android and Windows Phone devices will follow suit, some say it will be later this year. Other blogs also said that there would be a "challenging endgame" in the game, but since details about the Angry Birds Epic are so limited, no one exactly knows what that means. To me that sounds like a big bad ass pig boss is in for the final battle. I am excited to see the whole story of the game and how everything works.

Update: Below is the newly released trailer by Rovio for its upcoming Angry Birds Epic, the franchise's RPG spinoff to be released this year. The video clip below gives us the very first look on how the game is played through its turn-based combat system. It is just less than a minute clip but it gives a lot of information about this new Angry Birds. Check it out below.

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