Google Cuts Prices On Google Drive Cloud Storage

Starting today, Google announced that it is slashing the monthly fee on its Google Drive cloud storage product. It is a massive price cut and will surely challenge other competitors to do the same if they want to survive. Any Google product users will still get the free 15GB storage and then if they need to get extra space on top of that, Google lets its users rent for additional cloud storage.

 The 100GB of Google Drive storage is now for only $1.99 a month, that was a cut down from the previous price of $4.99/month. Next tier is for 1TB which now costs $9.99 per month down from $4.99 previously. And for some reason that it still not enough, there is an even higher tier which is 10TB for $99.99/month.

Now if you are an existing paid Google Drive user, do not worry as the company said your monthly pricing will automatically be adjusted without you needing to do anything. Aside from Google Drive space, the service can also be used for Gmail and Google Plus photos. This is a great move for Google as it will definitely attract additional new users not just from other providers but also from first timers.

As o right now, Google's two main rivals on this field are Dropbox and Box which currently offering the same service but with a much higher monthly price. For example a 100GB from Box is for $5 month while it is $9.99 a month or the same amount from Dropbox. Box provides 10GB of space and Dropbox only offers 2GB.

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