Facebooks Wants to Bring Internet to the Rest of World via Solar Powered Drones

Facebook, through its Internet.org initiative which aims to bring the internet to areas in the world where it is not accessible yet, revealed its plans on how it would develop the technology needed to bring the most part of the Earth to the connected community. Facebook created a team to work under its Connectivity Lab project to develop ways on how to beam internet to those areas they target and this can, according to the blog post on Internet.org, can be done via satellites and drones depending on the geographic structure of the area..

One of the technologies Connectivity Lab team is currently working on is creating solar-powered drones which will help suburban areas to connect with rural ones. Facebook has staff from UK-based Ascenta company that it bought for $20 million and also acquired team from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Ames Research Center and the National Optical Astronomy Observatory which all will work together in this project.

Facebook is not the only company that works on this project, it has partnered with Nokia, Qualcomm and other technology companies to make this happen. Even Google is currently working on similar initiative called Project Loon which aims to bring internet access through balloon-powered technology in the rural areas. It is so sad to say that there are still 7 billion people out there who don't have access to the internet yet and I am so thankful to see these internet giants making the steps to get those people have a way to connect to the internet where communication is not the only purpose but also education and information which should be accessible and available for everyone. 

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