Kathryn and Daniel Sing ABS-CBN Summer Station ID Theme Song

Following the release of ABS-CBN 2014 Summer Station ID teaser video on Friday which showcases tourist spots in the Philippines such as the Luneta Park, Batangas and Bohol while asking ramdon people what makes them happy, the Kapamilya Network has just released a new video for their upcoming 2014 Summer Station ID.

In this video clip, Kathryn Bernardo and love team Daniel Padilla sing and record their part in the summer station ID theme song. It's a very happy song, the beat and lyrics will surely make you suffer from LSS. If you have watched the first teaser, you would have noticed that it was their voice singing in the background from the middle until the end of the clip. Now in the second teaser, we are to hear the other parts of the song (for the first time) sang by this two popular Kapamilya love team. Go ahead and play the video below and enjoy.

As of posting, this video has received more than 120k hits on ABS-CBN's YouTube page. The lyrics of "PINASmile" were written by ABS-CBN's Team CCM -- Robert Labayen, Lloyd Oliver Corpuz, Christer Salire, Revbrain Martin, Jill Cabradilla-Aspiras, Mark Raywin Tome, and Christine Daria Estabillo. The official ABS-CBN Summer Station ID 2014 is soon to be revealed.

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