Teaser Trailer Shows the Winged Maleficent, Full Trailer Outs Tomorrow

There is a new teaser trailer that was released earlier today for Disney's villain movie "Maleficent" featuring Angelina Jolie as the titular character and there is something in it or Maleficent herself which has never been featured before, she has wings. Big bad ass wings. It's indeed a surprise in this one. And please come back tomorrow for Disney promised a new full length trailer will be released and that trailer may give us insights on the origins of this mysterious wings of Maleficent. 

This movie is directed by Robert Stromberg and it aims to tell us the story of one of Disney's iconic villains many of us grew up with, Maleficent from the Sleeping Beauty fairy tells.Let us wait for the new trailer tomorrow and see what is in there for us.

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