My "300: Rise of an Empire" Review

It's been seven long years of waiting since I first saw Zack Snyder's "300" in 2007. And now since the day has finally come to see the prequel/sequel to that never-before-seen style in a movie, I seized the glory. For some of you that may have already know, 300 is my favorite movie of all time that is why I was so anticipating for a sequel since then. I made sure that nothing was going to stop me from seeing this "Rise of an Empire" movie on its first day of showing.

I have to admit, Noam Murro did a great job in directing this 300 installment. When I first heard that Zack Snyder would not be able to work on this and that Murro would take over, I was a bit disappointed and afraid at the same time that Noam might ruin the style Snyder introduced to us in the first movie.

"300: Rise of an Empire is the bloodiest movie I have ever seen, bloodier than the 300"
 I read another review which said everyone's blood especially from the Persian soldiers were spilling like soup. Yes it's right. There was blood everywhere I really did not expect it to be that bloody. It was actually great since war is the theme of the film, however there's this other side of myself tells me that those blood splattering scenes are telling me that all humans in it are only made of skin then eveything inside is blood and nothing else.

Aside from Eva Green killing every scene with her Artemisia character, accent, authority and of course not to mention her different wardrobes worn all through out the film, Lena Heady as Queen Gorgo of Sparta also made justice to her character. Her script or monologue is the only part of the entire script I enjoyed the most. And when it comes to script, it's still the first 300's is the best which is one of the reasons why I liked it almost immediately atfer watching the trailer. "Ready your breakfast an eat hearty, FOR TONIGHT WE DINE IN HELL!", "THIS IS SPARTAAA!" and "Give them nothing, but take from them everything" are just some of the immortal lines to me from Spartan King Leonidas and his brave 300 men.

There are less abs and muscles in here than in the first. From the very beginning when the first trailer was released, I had been complaining why Greek warriors in the "Rise" have less muscles and abs than in "300"? I did not realize it until I saw the whole movie. Although it was not stated anywhere or were not said by anyone from the creators and cast, I think it was to emphasize more that it is the Spartan and not the Athenian should have more muscles and abs since they heavily invest in military rather than what the Athenians prioritize. In the movie I was able to easily recognize that these men are the Spartans and the others are the Athenians, not just because of the color of the capes they wear but also because Spartans in this film are more bulked up than Themistokles' team. Kodus on that one.

Also at first I wondered how Noam Murro would tell the whole story since Rise o an Empire covers the events that took place before, during and after the events in 300. Because usually a "Part Two" film is either a prequel or a sequel, but this one is diferent. That is one other thing I anticipated for to see here, and upon watching the film it was clear to me which timeline I was already in based on what's going on in the movie. It's kind of hard to explain how it was done but it's like you can edit these two movies together and you can watch it as a one whole movie covering the Spartans and Athenians side. The Rise of an Empire is a parallel-quel movie that tells the events that were not focusly mentioned in 300. Although they happened in the same timeline no repetitions were obviously noticed, there might be some but I did not see it.

Overall the scope of the movie is bigger and wider since it serves as a prequel and sequel to 300. It was a great adaptation as there are a lot of blood spilling around, a lot of muscles, a lot of swords and spears cutting through flesh of every Persian and Athenian after another and of course the explosion and collision of ships were all satisfyingly executed. If there is one thing that I don't like about this film, that would be its run time which is only 102 minutes as opposed to 300's 117 minutes. I just hoped that they made it atleast 120minutes with the aditional airtime used for developing characters such as for the two Athenians (the one who spied at Artemesia's ship and the other one with long hair) with Themistokles whose characters, I  believe, were not fully developed as they did no get that much interest from me compared to Leonidas' Captain Atemis and Delios did.  

The "Ahoo! Ahoo! Ahoo! When the Spartan shout out/chant signature is heard, it a was very strong, powerful and victorious moment to me. 

The ending of the movie is also so powerful just like in 300, where the Spartan forces come to the Bay of Salamis to help Themistokles' force. When the "Ahoo! Ahoo! Ahoo! Spartan shout out/chant signature is heard, it a was very strong, powerul and victorious moment to me.

Noam Murro said that the 300: Rise of an Empire has an open door for a possible third installment and also according to Sullivan Stapleton (Themistokles) also signed up for a potential sequel. If I remember it right the ending in 300 took place a year after the Battle of Themplylae (in 300) which would later be called and lead to the Battle of Plataea where the whole Greece united to face and fight Xerxes force which lead to its defeat. And I want that to happen and see in the future and if they do, I hope that it would not take another 7 years of waiting.


  1. Like you I was also able to see it yesterday and I was actually enjoying every piece of this film until I noticed there was one scene that was almost entirely deleted. It was the sex scene and the only one with Artemisia and Themistokles. I do not know if SM cut it or MTRCB. It was one of the scenes I looked forward to here, not just because it was about sex but also because of reviews from other sites that I have read prior to seeing the movie. So right now I have no option but to wait until the DVD is released to see how that scene went. : )

    But yes, it's a fantastic bloodiest movie ever.

  2. Oh yeah, you're right. That was very upsetting, I actually almost forgot it while watching the film until I saw that that part was very obviously cut that I could almost immediately realized that there was a cut. But then again that's how they wanted it to be, let's just wait for the DVD copy. : )

  3. Well, if you compare the 300: Rise of an Empire to the first 300, the first one is really better than the second. But if look at it as a stand alone movie, it rocks.