Samsung Announces NX Mini SMART Camera

Samsung is commonly known for manufacturing entry to flagship level Android smartphones and tablets and many do no know that the Korean company is also in the camera business. And one of the company's new addition to its growing number of camera lines is the NX Mini which aims for consumers who love to take photos and most of all, selfies. Professional photographers or not, this is for both.

The Samsung NX Mini Smart camera wants to be the best selfie camera around by boasting a 3.0-inch screen that can be flipped up 180 degrees so users won't have to worry if the camera is capturing their best selfie angle and not just the wall of background behind them.  This NX Mini is very slim and light with only 158grams in weight and 22.5mm profile and that is without any lens attached to it. Talking about its lens, Samsung will debut the camera with three NX Mini lenses such as 9mm and 17mm fixed models and a 9-27mm zoom lens. If users have or want to use NX camera lenses, that would not be a problem as Samsung will release an NX lens adapter sometime in May.   

Consumers in the US will be able to purchase this 20.5MP (BSI CMOS Sensor) camera starting this April for $449 which includes a 9mm f/3.5 lens or in another kit for $549 that comes with a 9-27mm zoom lens and an external flash. There are five color selections for this one which are black, white, brown, pink and mint green. Aside from those features, the NX Mini is also equipped with Adobe Lightroom 5, NFC technology which also features Samsung's tag&go functionality for easy file sharing with other compatible NFC-enabled devices and of course there is still Wi-Fi support so users who would like to share their photos in the internet real time or upload it on the cloud, Dropbox or Flickr would be able to do so.

There is also another interesting feature this Samsung NX Mini camera has where users will be able to take photos hands-free by simply winking. This can be selected in the settings of the device, when a user winks at the camera and the device detects it, it will automatically capture the image in 2 seconds. The camera also boasts 1/16,000 shutter speed, 6 fps burst mode, 25,600 top ISO and can record 1080/30p videos. In a single full charge, its battery life should be enough to provide users up to 650 shots. And the camera's metal chassis sports a retro style leather-like finish, the same feature we find in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and some other latest Galaxy Note tablets.

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