First Look at "The Flash" TV Series from CW

This is our first look at the upcoming superhero TV series from CW, the Flash which stars Grant Gustin as the titular character or as Barry Allen if he's not in the costume. According to, Warner Bros is busy getting ready to film this "Arrow" spin-off TV series. A spin-off because the website added that Gustin was introduced as Barry Allen during the two-episode arc on Arrow last year. I don't watch Arrow so I am really not familiar how that one goes but for this The Flash series I am kind of excited for this and wanna see how this one will work.

The suit for this Justice League member  is designed by Oscar-winner Colleen Atwood, the same one who also designed Arrow costume. It was released on Friday by The CW, the same TV network that brought us the Smallville.  I also heard that Warner Bros is going to create a live action adaptation of the Flash in the future which will make its way to the Justice League movie, that is also one thing I wanna see as to how the story of Barry Allen a.k.a. the Flash will go between these two TV and movie versions. The production for its pilot episode will begin this week.

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