This Charger Charges Your Smartphone in Just 30 Seconds

One of the major complaints of smartphone and tablet users around the world is the battery life of the device that they use. They also even check how long that battery should last before they make a purchase. Gadgets are less enjoyable if users always find themselves near to the wall charging their phones. And I know that it is something that manufacturers have been trying to address up until today in their latest smart devices offerings, it's either they put in a low power consuming specs in a device or size up the battery in terms of mAh. Those adjustments or improvements work most of the time, but aside from that there is another concern many users are not happy about, the length of time to recharge a phone's battery.

Thanks to StoreDot, an Israel-based startup developer which just uploaded a demo video of a  prototype charger on YouTube showing off how their technology should work. The video shows us an almost power-drained smartphone being recharged with the prototype in just 30 seconds. Watch the video and see it for yourself.  

One more good thing about this is according to StoreDot, this charger should be available commercially by 2016 and should be price twice as much as a regular charger.

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