First Look at Amazon's Upcoming Smartphone

It has been known in the rumor universe that the US-based online retail giant Amazon is currently working on its first smartphone offering which is reported to be unveiled in a couple of months from today. And to add a little more reality to that speculations and unconfirmed reports, BGR managed to get and leak a photo (above) of the supposed first Amazon smartphone.

Unfortunately, the device is not photographed in ita full physical design as it is enclosed in a protective shell which according to the report is meant to be so unauthorized people will be prevented from accessing or looking or leaking the photo of the actual design of the smartphone. I thought it was the design of the Amazon-branded phone but thank goodness it's covered. 

The device does not have a project name or a temporary name right at this point unlike Nokia's first Android phone the Nokia X which was referred to as "Normandy" during its development and rumor days. To me, this looks like a very slim smartphone and the screen is kind of interesting to see it more and check what this gadget has in store for us. 

According to the reports, this smartphone will measure around 4.7 inches in its screen and will feature an HD display or 720p resolution. I hope that is not true as the current standard for smartphones and tablets today is 1080p or full HD display. Of course just like any other Amazon tablet like the Kindle Fires, this smartphone here will run a heavily customized Android software. 

One of its main selling points is its glassess-free 3D software interface. Part of this technology, according to rumors is the four low-power cameras situated in four corners of the phone's front panel and that's on top of the standard rear and front facing cameras. So we are talking about 6 cameras here overall. These four cameras here will work as sensors to the device, these will detect the position of the user's face and eyes from the screen of the phone so that the display will adjust to the angle of he user's face to continue deliver its 3D features. 

If these 3D thing and its cameras functions are true then this is going to be an interesting phone and if performance and pricing are also promising then I think this will also make its own name in a very crowded smartphone market, just like what the first Kindle Fire did when it debuted in the US.

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