Nokia Superman Rumored To Be The Best Selfie Phone

I think this is the very first Nokia-related rumor I have heard right after the official acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft. This Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone is codenamed "Superman" and will reportedly focus on its front facing camera. If that is true then this will be a selfie-centric Windows Phone -powered device to date. According to The Verge, their source told them that Superman will sport a 5-megapixel front facing camera.

This Nokia Superman, as per rumor, will be a midrange smartphone with its screen measuring 4.7 inches across its surface. And The Verge added that this phone is expected to be released "towards the end of the year". 

In local-branded smartphones here in the Philippines such as MyPhone, Cherry Mobile and Starmobile, 5MP front camera is no longer a surprise to us as we have heard, seen and used those high-MP front snappers but when we talk about Nokia devices such as the Lumias, 5-MP on the front is a big step. Nokia is known for powerful smartphone cameras and photography apps in past couple of years but they have not put so much effort in gearing up its selfie and video calling cameras on their devices. 

If this is true, then it is going to be one of the great and new offerings we are going to see in a Windows Phone powered devices after the Microsoft-Nokia acquisition. Let's see how far Microsoft will take these smartphones under their empire. 

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