Remember Google's Project ARA? Here's a Video Update from Phonebloks

Phonebloks has released a video on YouTube updating us on what's currently going on the Project ARA which is initiated by Google that aims to develop free and open hardware platform. With this kind of technology, users will have a freedom to customize, assemble or create their own smartphone's specs based on what they want or need. It will work just like a personal computer. For example if the monitor is broken, you can just replace the monitor or if the keyboard or mouse or any internal parts of the PC is broken you can just simply buy a specific part of it to replace the broken piece of that computer. That would be the same with this Project Ara, if you want to upgrade the RAM or display you can simply buy RAM or display module without the need of purchasing a whole brand new smartphone. Watch the video below to see what's the update on this project and see who are the people behind it.

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