Samsung Galaxy K Zoom With 20.7MP Camera and Optical Zoom Lens

Following last year's Galaxy S4 Zoom, Samsung has finally unveiled the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom. Just like the first one, the K Zoom is also equipped with optical zoom lens that can zoom images up to 10 times. Seated on the back of the device is a 20.7-megapixel sensor featuring optical image stabilization technology which helps reduce the blur from camera share. The back camera is also a BSI CMOS sensor which helps the camera performs better in low-light condition and can record 1080p videos up to 60 frames per second.

With this Galaxy K Zoom, Samsung managed to put in all these smart camera functions and features and still make the device slimmer than the first Galaxy Zoom. Samsung kind of messed with first one when it was released, it was bulkier than many expected thus the feel was more of using a camera than a smartphone with camera features. Samsung's Philip Berne described this smartphone as "This is a phone. With cool camera stuff.," which is true.

Looking at the Galaxy K Zoom, you will immediately recognize that it is a Samsung Galaxy S5 spinoff due to its dimpled back cover that debuts on that current flagship device. And just like the Galaxy S5, this K Zoom also features the Ultra Power Saving Mode which shuts off all functions an features aside from the basic ones and turning the display black and white so the battery life will stay longer. S-Health feature is also found on this smartphone, no fingerprint scanner through.

Another star added to its camera features is what Samsung called the "Selfie Alarm". Activating the selfie alarm function you will see a box on the screen which you can move around and set up where you would like you face to appear on the screen. Once set up you can turn the device around and aim the rear camera at you, once your face aligns with the box on the screen the camera will beep and auto captures three shots of selfies then just select which of those you want to keep.

The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom sports a 4.8" 720p Super AMOLED Display, that bigger than its predecessor but smaller than the Galaxy S5. Under the hood is a Exynos Hexacore processors where two running at 1.7GHz and another four at 1.3GHz. There is 2GB of RAM and an internal storage of 8GB, this device supports microSD card up to 64GB. The battery is pegged at 2430mAh. No pricing has been revealed yet but it will start rolling out globally by the end of May.


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