You Can Now Get the New Twitter Profile Design

Twitter has finally rolled out the new profile design to the world and is now available to all users. If you use Twitter, you can now head to this link and preview your new profile design and if you like it you may go live immediately after switching. Just like what have been previously reported across technology blogs and website, this new look is very similar to the profile layout of Facebook.

Above is the screenshot of my Twitter profile after the switch. Using the new layout users can now also add a cover photo which goes to the header part of the page and that works the same as the cover photos on Facebook and Google Plus. At the very top part of the profile, nothing has changed the "Home", "Notifications", "Discover" and "Me" link tabs still got the same look. Then the profile pic is situated at the top right corner, the same place where our Facebook profile photos are located. 

And then major part of the new profile layout, right below cover and profile photo, is divided in three columns where the middle one is where the users' tweetfeed is displayed. However, this new Facebook-like theme is only on the "Me" page of profile page, the "Home" page has very minimal changes and looks almost the same.

Let us share our thoughts about this new Twitter design through the comments section below.

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