Sony's New Cassette Tape Can Hold 185TB Worth of Data

A Maxell Compact Cassette Tape | Image via Wikimedia Commons
If you think cassette tape is now the technology of the past, think again. Sony has just announced at International Magnetics Conference (Intermag) event in Europe that they have enhanced the technology called "sputter deposition" and created a cassette tape that can hold a whopping 185TB worth of data.

This new 185TB cassette tape beats FujiFilm's 35TB tape which was announced in 2012 in partnership with IBM. 185TB (Terra Byte) is such a big amount of space, to give us a more clearer picture of much data this means we use the iPod Classic gadget with 160GB of storage. One iPod Classic 160GB can hold around 40,000 songs, we would need around 1,184 iPods which is equivalent to roughly 47 millions songs and that's what this 185TB tape can store. 

Sony says they plan to move forward with this product and market this in the near future, definitely not for end users consumption but for companies that provide and need mass storage options. 

Source: Forbes

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