Confirmed! Channing Tatum to Play X-men's Gambit in a Solo Film

When I first heard about this news that Magic Mike's Channing Tatum is confirmed to play as Gambit in the future X-men movies and a solo film, my first question was "Why?". Because I was hoping to see Taylor Kitsch to continue playing the Gambit since the character debuted in X-Men Origins: Wolverine back in 2009.

This was confirmed by Producer Lauren Shuler Donner. Prior to the confirmation, she previously stated that she wanted Tatum to play the character and this was also before the rumor that Channing Tatum was in official talks to sign the deal. Donner confirmed it via Total Film that it was Channing Tatum.

I don't really have a problem with Channing Tatum but I just prefer, like many others, Taylor Kitsch as Gambit as he played it great in first X-men Origins movie. And I think he deserves one more shot before being replaced. What do you think? See the video below featuring Kitsch as Gambit.

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