Flappy Bird Will Come Back in August Said Its Creator

If you still remember the addictive Android and iOS app game called Flappy Bird which was taken down from the Google Play and iTunes App Store after it went viral and so popular earlier this year, the creator Dong Nguyen said he will be relaunching the game this coming August with a twist.

Dong Nguyen spoke with CNBC and confirmed that he will indeed be returning the Flappy Bird in the app world for everyone to download and play again. Nguyen said that this time the game will be "less addictive" and if some of you remember, his reason for taking down the Flappy Bird from the app stores was because he believed that the game was very addictive to users up to the point that it affected his private life.  

And aside from that promise, he also added that the new Flappy Bird will feature multiplayer mode which was lacking from its predecessor. Nguyen also added that the his game before he pulled it down was downloaded around 50 million times. It was also no secret that before the Flappy Bird was taken out of the scene, Dong Nguyen was raking in about $50,000 a day via its in-app ads and yet he still decided to remove it from the App Stores. Now if you miss this tiny 8-bit bird guiding it through the green pipes, worry no more as you will be reunited with it again this coming August. 

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