Google Play Movies Now Available in The Philippines

Google just recently announced that its Google Play Movies service is now available in four new countries and that includes the Philippines, other countries are Belgium, Uganda and Switzerland. This additions means that Google Play Movies now accessible to a total of 69 countries. I immediately checked the Play Store Philippines to see what movies we got there and how much it's gonna cost us in case we try it in the future. And what I found out did not actually excite me that much.

The movies there are great, actually most of them are the type of genres I like such as Transformers, 47 Ronin, Amazing Spider-man, Despicable Me, How To train Your Dragons and many more. Many of them are recent movies that were shown earlier this year and them the rest are either from last year or the other. There are even as old as The God Father which can be rented for Php130 or buy the title for Php430.

This is a great move from Google actually, however for country like the Philippines where many movie goers have many ways to watch movies in much more convenient and more affordable ways there is one thing I see that this will not attract many Pinoys, the pricing. Most of the movies that can be rented has price tag of Php130.00 then most of them can be purchased for as low as Php350, some are for Php450. Prices may vary depending on how old the movie is and how popular it is, pricing for standard definition (SD) or high definition (HD) formats also apply.

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