Is This The Photo of Amazon's First Smartphone?

This photo here which was obtained by BGR gives us a first look at the much-rumored Amazon's yet-to-be-unveiled first Android-based smartphone. In a little over a month from today, Amazon is expected to officially announce this unnamed smartphone. According to BGR, this Amazon device will sport a 4.7-inch 720p Display, will be powered by a Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon with 2GB of RAM. 

It's operating system will be based on Android but will be heavily tweaked just like what they did with the Kindle Fire tablets. The report also says that this device will be launched with "Prime Data" which is a special data plan that will play a key role for this smartphone to sell and get noticed in the middle of crowded smartphone market in the US.

It is not the first time a photo of the said smartphone has leaked, last month it was still BGR that got the first photos of the device and published it, however these photos show the Amazon smartphone in a protective case to prevent unauthorized people from seeing its hardware. But this new photo here is completely a different case, the device is shown in high resolution image without any covering which completely revealing the design of the phone. Speaking of design, it is very noticeable that it got design cues from Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S lines and some say from Nexus 4. 

Another interesting feature this phone will reportedly have is that it will sport multiple front facing cameras with face detection technology for the device 3D display. These sensors will tell the device the angle of the user's face to the phone so that it will adjust its display to keep it 3D looks from the users position. That sounds cool if true.

Source: BGR

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