The Minions from Despicable Me Are Coming Back Next Year

A teaser poster has just been unveiled revealing that the lovable Minions from the movie Despicable Me are coming back next year. But this is not a direct sequel to the Despicable Me films but rather a spin-off where the story will tell us the early life of these minions and the previous villain they used to serve. Little we know that these little henchmen have existed since the beginning of time, according to Wikipedia, they have evolved from yellow single-celled organisms into what they are right now with only one purpose, and that is to serve the world's most despicable villain they can find. 

As of yet there is not much of information about this upcoming Minion film, but so far Sandra Bullock is one of the confirmed actors to be in the installment and she will be voicing a villain named Scarlett Overkill and actor Jon Hamm is also in the film. Minions will be released in July of 2015.

Source: ComingSoon

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