New Transformers: Age of Extinction Clips Show New Footages

Since the first official Transformers: Age of Extinction trailer was released in March, there were a number of images and posters from the movie that followed. But today, Paramount Pictures released two promo clips for the fourth installment of the Transformers franchise announcing the band Imagine Dragons as the official soundtrack provider for this upcoming super-cars-and-robots-filled film. Watch out for the "Battle Cry" music video by Imagine Dragons.

Aside from the new band singing the official soundtrack, the clips show brand new scenes from the film. A lot of explosions and actions as expected. But here we clearly see a new robot in town, to be honest I have no idea who that is, the one with beard and cigar. If you guys know who that is, kindly let me know via comments section below. Then there is fire-breathing Grimlock dinobot while Optimus Prime riding it. See it below.  

The image above is the newest Transformers: Age of Extinction banner featuring Grimlock and was initially unveiled via DigitalSpy.

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