Google Cardboard Announced, Turns Your Smartphone into a VR Device

Google at its I/O developers conference keynote announced a very low-end device which aims to bring the expensive Virtual Reality experience in a simple, fun and most of all inexpensive way, and the Google Cardboard was unveiled. This "Cardboard" will serve as the VR headset, users will just need their smartphones (Android 4.2 and up) for the display and a Cardboard app created by Google for this simple but brilliant device.

"We want everyone to experience virtual reality in a simple, fun, and inexpensive way. That's the goal of the Cardboard project." - Google 

One of the great things about this thing is that we can create our own cardboard or VR headset with the use of things we can easily find around or buy from local hardware and school supply shops. We would just need to get cardboard, lenses, magnets, Velcro and rubber band. Get more information about or instructions on how to make this Google Cardboard here.

If you think you cannot create one yourself or just don't want to make one, there are actually some third party vendors who sell the whole cardboard kit, just assemble them yourself. And I am pretty sure there would be a lot of other people who want to create it themselves and sell it to anybody who wants to get it, since liscensing is not actually an issue here ( I think) it would not be a problem by just making one ot two then sell to anyone.

You may have already wondering how this is going to work, like what I have mentioned above there is a Cardboard App which you can download from the Google Play. Just run that app, slide your phone in the cardboard headset and you are good to go to enjoy the following (for now).

- YouTube
- Street Vue, VR version of Google Street View
- Earth Flyover
- Photo Sphere Viewer, looks at pictures you have taken with your phone's 360 panoramic feature
- Windy Day
- Tour Guide has you explore the Palace of Versailles

Since the smartphone is inside the headset and there is no way for users to click on the screen, Google included a magnet washer on the side of the headset. Simply slide it down as you select and it will auto slide back up through the help of another magnet on the other side of the surface. It's definitely for everybody to enjoy the Virtual Reality technology. I will try to make it myself one day.

Source: Google

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