Smart Unli Facebook Promo For Only Php2/Day

Are you always on Facebook updating your friends on what's happening in your life? You like to post photos, like friends status updates and many more on the largest social media site in the world? If yes, then Smart Communications has a treat for you where you can always get in touch with your Facebook friends and have unlimited access to this site for only Php2.00 in one whole day.

Yes that is right, dalawang piso lang sa isang araw may unlimited access ka na sa Facebook. However there is a little catch here, according to Smart in order for you to be able to subscribe to this promo, simply register first to any Smart Prepaid Promo such as All Text, Unli Surf, Unli Call and Text and many more. After that just send "FB2" to 6406 and wait for the confirmation message. 

Once you have received the confirmation text message, just access the Facebook either via mobile app or through your  mobile browser and its unlimited access for the next 24hours. To avoid additional unwanted charges while on this promo, make sure you turn off background updates for the other apps you have, do not click on any shared video that is not from Facebook, do not click on any links or ads that lead to a non-Facebook site. Promo is until August 30, 2014.

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