The New Captain America is Black, Iron Man Gets New Suit, And the All-new Avengers Now! Initiative

Marvel is making big changes on its "Big Three" superheroes. When they announced that the new Thor is now a woman I thought that was the only surprise they have for the fans, I was wrong as a couple of days after, Marvel still released new breaking news, and those were about Captain America and Iron Man. The star-spangled hero is now an African American and Tony Stark will have new armor which going to be called, Superior Iron Man. All these changes will take place in the comics universe of Marvel starting this fall.

Captain America who used to be Steve Rogers will now be called Sam Wilson. If you remember this black guy here, he is actually the Falcon. In the recent movies he was in Captain America: Winter Soldier played by Anthony Mackie, who fought the along with Cap. And what's going to happen to Steve Rogers? Fortunately he would not be killed off and that's according to Tom Brevoort, Marvel executive director, but would turn into a 90-year old man. 

Going back to Tony Stark, he's got a newly designed silver-colored Iron Man Suit in the new comics series "Superior Iron Man" and we'll see him moved from New York City to San Francisco. Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso told Entertainment Weekly “The newly-transformed Superior Iron Man has very ambitious plans for the city that some of its residents embrace, but not all,” 

Marvel Comics also unveiled that all these changes are part of new Avengers NOW! Initiative, also provided the image below via Entertainment Weekly giving us a quick look at the new team featuring other characters such as  Medusa, Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, Winter Soldier, Angela, Inferno from "Inhuman" and Deathlok. What do you guys think of these new Marvel updates?

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