This Could be the Final Design of iPhone 6 Smartphone

Many fans and many tech enthusiasts are expecting Apple to unveil the next-gen iOS smartphone this coming September and a lot of the leaks and rumors refer to it as the iPhone 6. Many leaked images of some alleged parts of the new iPhone have landed online and many other mockup versions were rendered by different designers and posted on the internet. On top those there is still a new one that emerged online very recently and this one is created by  Mustafa DaÄźdelen and this render could the closest look we can have at the upcoming Apple device. See it below.

Beside the fact that the iPhone 6 is reportedly to sport bigger display it is also rumored to come in more color option. However, if this color here, black, as what is shown in the video above is going to be a real thing, I would really grab it. Bigger screen, brighter and super clear display, extremely thin and light. I think this is going to be a hit too. And as far as I remember, a bigger screen is what many iPhone users have been waiting for since phablets have gone into the scene.

Source: IGN

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