Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Teases Us Which DC Comics Character He Will be Playing

Very recently Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson has revealed that he will be playing a superhero from DC Comics. That final revelation as to which character he will be playing will be made this week's Comic-con in San Diego, if rumors are to be believed. But he said that it will be announced "very soon." Many speculated it would be either Shazam or Green Lantern. But right then and there The Rock said " it’s not Green Lantern", but "he has the power of Superman."

And then today The Rock tweeted a photo that narrows down to which is the mysterious character he will be playing with caption that says "Someone's gonna get it.." 

It's very clear that Superman is already Henry Cavill so in this pic it is either Shazam of his foe Black Adam which both of them are qualified to be the candidate for having a Superman power. So what do you think guys? I think it's Shazam.

Rumor has it Warner Bros. will be announcing their movie lineup during San Diego Comic Con 2014. The lineup will allegedly include a Shazam movie, a Wonder Woman solo film, a Sandman flick and a Flash and Green Lantern team-up.

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