Eiga Sai 2014, Japanese Film Festival Movie Line Up and Sched

Eiga Sai 2014 or the Japanese Film Festival is here once again in the country with the theme "Family". This year's Eiga Sai, from July 3 until August 10, will feature 16 comtemporay Japanese films that will tell different stories about families, thanks to Japan Foundation Manila. July also happens to be the month of celebration of Japanese-Philippine Friendship. 

Most of the films will be shown in Manila at Shangri-La Cineplex Cinema 2 from july 3 to July 13, some of the movies will be shown in Cebu City over at Ayala center Cinema 4 from August 6 to August 10, and then in Davao at Abreeza Ayala Mall Ceinema 2 from July 25 to July 27. Also at FDCP Cinematheque, Davao City from July 29 to August 3. You may check full movie schedules HERE.

"The Philippines and Japan have a lot of things in common. In the recent past, the two countries have experienced devastating disasters – loss of countless lives and resources. In times of difficulties, we all come to realize the value the family, not only the immediate members but also extended families – neighbors and communities. The value of the family is an example of commonalities for both Japan and the Philippines so with the fact that both countries are disaster-prone," JFM said.

Below are the list of films and their respective synopsis:

Synopsis: In post-nuclear accident Fukushima, Jiro returns to his hometown for the first time in 20 years and begins tending to the fields at his family’s farm, located within the radiation caution zone. Meanwhile, his mother Tomiko, older half-brother Soichi and sister-in-law Misa live together in a temporary housing unit.

Like Father, Like Son
Synopsis: Ryota and his wife Midori learn that their son was swapped at birth with another boy at a maternity hospital. They enter into talks regarding an “exchange” with the other parents involved, Yudai and Yukari, but Ryota becomes uncertain.

Fly, Dakota, FlySynopsis: A British Air Force “Dakota” VIP transport plane headed for Tokyo makes an emergency landing in a small village on Sado Island. The islanders have mixed feelings about the stranded crew, but decide to come to their aid. Chiyoko, the daughter of the village headman, also does her best to help.

Synopsis: In the aftermath of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, a junior high school gymnasium in Iwate Prefecture’s Kamaishi City is used as a morgue. Aiba worked in the funeral business and offers to volunteer at the morgue.

Hearts Together
Synopsis: Two-time Grammy Award-winning smooth jazz keyboardist Bob James and renowned Japanese singer Matsuda Seiko performed in a charity concert together with a local jazz band in Ofunato, Iwate, praying for recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake. This documentary film portrays the scene behind the concert such as the message concentrated in their new song, “Put Our Hearts Together.”

A Story of Yonosuke
Synopsis: In 1987, a youth named Yonosuke who is unable to decline the requests of others leaves his hometown of Nagasaki to start university life in Tokyo. One day as he is juggling classes and extracurricular activities, he goes to a driving school and meets Shoko, the daughter of a company president.

The Kirishima Thing
Synopsis: A rumor that Kirishima, the most popular student in school, is going to withdraw from after-school activities sends the other cool kids into an uproar. This has little effect on the uncool film club member Maeda, who begins to shoot a zombie movie. The emotions of the school’s various student factions gradually intersect. And during the shooting of Maeda’s movie, little incidents occur that sway their hearts.

Momoiro Sora O
Synopsis: Kawashima Izumi, a high school student with a habit of grading newspapers, picks up a wallet containing a large sum of cash that she finds lying on the side of the street. This arouses her curiosity, which drives her to begin a search for the wallet’s owner.

Synopsis: Kobayashi Mikio runs a small printing factory in downtown Tokyo and lives a quiet life with his wife Natsuki and his family. One day, a man appears claiming to be the son of a wealthy man who once provided financial support for Kobayashi’s factory.

Tug of War
Synopsis: Chiaki, who works in the public relations department of the Oita City government, is tasked with organizing a women’s tug-of-war team to generate publicity for the city. She ropes in the idiosyncratic employees of a school lunch center on the verge of being shut down, and together they strive to win a national tug-of-war tournament with the center’s future at stake.

Until The Break of Dawn
Synopsis: Ayumi seems to be just an ordinary high school student, but he is actually being trained by his grandmother Aiko to take on the role of “tsunagu.” As he facilitates reunions for a diverse range of clients – an arrogant middle-aged man who lost his mother to cancer, a high school girl whose friend died in a bicycle accident, and an office worker who has been waiting for seven years for his missing fiancee to return – he develops various doubts. Can the living be saved by meeting their deceased loved ones again? And what of the dead? These doubts lead Ayumi to seek the truth regarding the mysterious deaths of his own parents.

Tamako in Moratorium
Synopsis: Tamako graduates from college, returns to the sports clothing shop run by her father Zenji and spends her days listlessly, not even looking for a job. One day, there’s talk of Zenji going on a blind date, and Tamako flies into a tizzy. Will Tamako be able to take a step forward in her life?

Casting Blossoms in the Sky
Synopsis: A female newspaper reporter undergoes a number of unusual experiences as she covers the people of Nagaoka. It elicits Nagaoka's beautiful landscape and history of overcoming numerous wars and disasters through a fantastic tale.

Symphony in August
Synopsis: Ai moves to Tokyo alone to fulfill the promise made to her mother to become a singer. However, reality is cruel and she just can’t seem to make her debut. Feeling her hopes crushed, Ai sets her mind to do “1,000 roadside live shows” to inspire herself.

Wolf Children
Synopsis: College student Hana meets a young “wolf man” and falls in love with him. Eventually, she gives birth to two “wolf children,” Yuki and Ame, but tragedy strikes the family soon after the wolf man dies. Left to care for their two young children, Hana makes up her mind to raise them in the remote countryside so that they may choose whether to live as humans or wolves.

Synopsis: Consumer electronics company employee Kobayashi is ordered to develop a bipedal robot, but fails miserably. He comes up with a plan to pass off a human in a suit as a robot, and finds an elderly man named Suzuki who fits inside the suit perfectly, but…

Sources: PhilStar , JFMO

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