Facebook "Save" Lets You Save Links and Contents for Later Reading

Have you had this scenario where while you read through your Facebook newsfeed you encountered a link that that talked about an interesting topic that you want to read but you did not want to interrup your newsfeed reading first? Well Facebook has a solution for that one, the largest social media site introduces "Save". What it does is it  lets you store or bookmark links from News Feed and Facebook Pages for Places, Events, Movies, TV shows, and music to a list where you can view them later.

This new Facebook feature will be rolled out in the "next few days" and will support iOS and Android devices and the desktop browsers. However this feature does not cache the links so offline access is not going to available at the moment, maybe in the future though.  

To save an item or link, Once this is released, users can simply select the option from the drop down arrow in the upper right of each post. Then to re-visit the saved links just go the the "More" tab on mobile or "saved" link in the right sidebar of desktop page.

If users have any un-clicked links on the Save section of their account, Facebook will from time to time notify them (through newsfeed) of those contents. users will also have an option to save the link in private or save it with their friends. I think is going to be a useful feature for people who most of the time rely on Facebook to get good content and update on their favorite page, brand or movie.

Source: Facebook Blog

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