Lenovo Unveils a Smartglass Prototype, Looks So Much Like Google Glass

Google Glass is already a well-known product around the world especially to tech fanatics. with that success we cannot blame other companies to try to get their own place in the new and rising product category. Lenovo is the first to join the party as last Thursday, they just unveiled their own smartglass offering and it's surprisingly very similar to the Google Glass especially its physical looks.

This new smart wearable device does not have an official name yet though and according to PCWorld it's just a prototype version and Lenovo aims to get this device ready by October for consumers to get their hands on.

The only difference we can see in this device so far is that the battery sits around the around the neck of a user and it's a bit bulkier than the Google Glass and every thing else looks extremely similar to the Glass. It looks like this device is a brother to Google Glass from another mother. : )

Source: TechnoBuffalo

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