Star Wars Episode VII Set Video Clip Shows Off J.J. Abrams With an X-Wing Starfighter

Star Wars ot its YouTube channel released a video clip showing director J.J. Abrams and a full-sized version of an X-Wing Starfighter standing behind him, the clip is part of the Star Wars: Force For Change Initiative that will benefit UNICEF's Innovation Labs. And the director has some additional announcements about the campaign.

The video shows the director while making his last appeal to fans to sign up on Star Wars: Force for Change campaign while behind him is what appears to be a modified X-wing fighter. Abrams further added that fans who will sign up for the campaign will not only win a chance to visit the set in London, chance not only to be in the movie but also a private advance screening of the movie. That sounds great right? : ) Go ahead and watch the video below for full details of the announcement and see how you can help with this charity and have a chance to win those one of a lifetime experience. 

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