This Awesome Star Wars Episode VII Set Footage is Actually Fake

Remember this Star Wars Episode VII set footage that leaked last week? It is awesome right? And it is actually a fake one, but no matter how unrealistic it is, whoever made this clip really did a good job on creating a very detailed hoax video clip. I am pretty sure many who have seen it including myself, have thought for a second or two if it was an actual footage from the set or just a fake one. Especially many of us know that the Episode VII of Star Wars is currently in production under the direction of J.J. Abrams. If you have not seen the footage yet, you may check it out below.

This video clip was posted by a YouTube user Frank Wunderlich and he he wrote in the description section of the video,
" Looks like the story of Star Wars plays on Earth too in the next episode. I took these pictures on my flight back from the states to Germany at the Frankfurt Airport. Seems like the biggest German airport plays a key role as an Imperial starport in the new episode — there have just been imperial forces at the scene."

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