Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals Terminator 5's Official Title, TERMINATOR: GENISYS

 The shooting for the newest and upcoming Terminator film has just wrapped up, many blogs and news outlet refer to this movie's title as Terminator Genesis. Until today, that title is somewhat accurate except for its spelling. Arnold Schwarzenegger, through his Instagram account posted a photo of himself confirming the official title of his new film and it's called TERMINATOR: GENISYS. 

Many movie and the franchise fanatics have questioned why they changed the spelling and what is the reason behind it. Some say they get the "sys" part as Skynet is a system which has a big part in the film series but still question the "i", why not just use "e" as in "Genesys". According to a post on TheVerge, some of their commenters pointed out that the title is actually short for "Generation I System" which could be correct. We will not really know until the official synopsis is revealed or until we see the entire movie. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger plays as an aging T-800 model in this installment together with Emilia Clarke (Daenerys of Game of Thrones) as Sarah Connor and Jason Clarke (Zero Dark Thirty) as John Connor. Terminator Genisys is set to be released in July 2015.  

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