ATTACK ON TITANS Season 2 Anime is Coming

It was previously rumored that the Season 2 of the Attack on Titans would be on July 26, 2014, it was even reported by GMA News Online, but that day has passed and there was no new Attack On Titans anime that was released. Wit Studios has also refuted the rumor. That kind of a sad news for all the fans especially here in the Philippines. However there is a bit of a good news coming from George Wada, the AOT showrunner and producer.

 A post on GeekTyrant says that according to Crunchyroll during an interview or Q&A with George Wada, the Season 2 is confirmed and currently in pre-production stage. Some blogs also claim that the studio could finish and release the next Attack on Titan season by August of 2015 but Wada could not disclose the release date at the moment. It is still a long wait for so many of us but at least it is happening, right?

Aside from the much-awaited new anime season, many of us are likely in the know that a live-action movie adaptation is also currently in the works for Japan release. So far what I know is most of the cast members have been officially chosen and Haruma Miura is one of the stars and selected to play the lead role.

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