HTC One M8 Running Windows Phone Spotted on Verizon Website

It's been rumored before that HTC plans to release a Windows Phone-powered version of its One M8 smartphone. And it looks like the deal is real as the alleged device was spotted on Verizon Wireless site through this image url link and tagged as HTC M8 Windows.

As some of us may already know, HTC will be having a media event on August 19, although HTC did not tell what the event is all about but many speculate that the company is up to unveil the HTC One M8 powered by a Windows Phone 8.1 OS and then the rest of the specs would be similar to its Android version. There are also some other blogs that say the M8 Windows Phone will be launched on August 19 which is just two days after the event and will likely to be priced at $199-on contract.

It's still a rumor until the device is confirmed by HTC or Verizon itself.  

Source: PCWorld

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