LG G3 Stylus Could be LG's Answer to Samsung's Galaxy Note 4

Earlier this week there was a promo video clip LG released and toward the end of the clip after showing the Korean company's current flagship device LG G3 and its mini version called LG G3 Beat, there is an unannounced LG G3 device appeared and it features a stylus pen just like what we see on Samsung Galaxy Note line, and this mystery LG device is tagged with the name of LG G3 Stylus.

This device, if to sport high end specs and features, looks like LG's challenge to Samsung's upcoming and also much-rumored Galaxy Note 4 which is now expected to be unveiled on Sept 3.  No other information is available yet about this G3 Stylus but the image appears to be slightly bigger than the original G3 smartphone. There are even some unconfirmed reports that this is not going to be that high end of a phablet as LG is trying to keep this little monster to be under the "budget phone" category which means that LG may have to reduce of the specs. No one really knows about this device until it is officially announced and released.

I tried to look for the said video ad but it appears that LG has removed it from Youtube.

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