These Photos Show How Moto 360 is Charged, Wireless Charging

One of the things that is not revealed yet about this Moto 360 smartwatch is how it is charged when the battery runs out. Other Android Wear powered devices have their own pin-based charging cradles, however the Moto 360 looks like to go wireless charging technology. Thanks to Mister Gadget, an Italian blog, for giving us a first look at how that particular charging is going to work with this Moto 360 through the photos he shared on his blog.

I posted two of the photos here and there are some other images posted on his blog. Aside from that one, the blog also revealed couple unannounced specs such as the smartwatch would bear IP67 Certification making the wearable device water and dust resistant gadget and its battery could last for over two days.

If this is going to be an official charging dock or will, by default, come with the Moto 360 out of the box, then it's going to be a great one. I like how the charging dock is designed on this one, it can still show you the time while being charged on one side of your desk or bedside instead of just lying the watch face upward to the roof. 

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