Blood Ransom Official Trailer Starring Anne Curtis

Remember when Anne Curtis had to leave It's Showtime years ago as she was going to make an international movie? You might be one of those people who waited almost forever for that movie to come out and see what it's about. Well the long-awaited first official trailer for her movie titled Blood Ransom has arrived. You may watch the trailer below, however you may realize that it's kind of a low-budget movie and that it because it is an indie film but international. Watch it below.

To tell you honestly, I think I am not the one either, I barely understood what the trailer is about. Or maybe I am just the only one who could not get the clear details of how the movie is going to be which made me think of just seeing the whole film and see what Anne worked for in this one. What about you? 

Blood Ransom will hit Philippine cinemas starting October 29 and then on October 31 it will have its North American release. 

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  1. I also feel the same for the trailer, it isn't really clear as to what the movie is really all about. Nevertheless, I'm still very proud of what Anne has achieved right now, with her debut movie in Hollywood and the new title she has now which is "The Princess of all Media" here in the Philippines. I know she just keeps getting better everyday :)

    For more info of her being the Princess of all Media, just click on the link below :)