Deadpool Movie is Happening, Feb 12, 2016 is the Release Date

Many of the comics fans especially the Deadpool followers themselves believed that a Deadpool movie is never going to happen at least in the very near future. However everything seemed to change especially when the Deadpool test footage was leaked online during the Comic-con 2014 and found out that people's reactions to it were overwhelming.

Maybe it was really because of that reel and fans reactions that pushed 20th Century Fox, home to X-men and Fantastic Four franchise, to finally make a Deadpool movie happen.  Fox announced the big news through their Twitter account with the following tweets "Deadpool fans rejoice! The "Merc with a Mouth" is coming to movie theaters:" and then directed a link to The Hollywood Reporter article about the announcement.

 Tim Miller, who also made the test footage, is going to direct the said film adaptation. It was also reported that Ryan Reynolds is still attached to the project but there is no done deal yet if he is going to reprise (and redeem) his role as Wade Wilson. Reynolds has actually played the character back in 2009 in X-men Origins: Wolverine but many did not like the portrayal however it was still Ryan Reynolds who voiced the Deadpool character in the leaked footage which was actually nice.

I really do not care who the actor will be, as long as the director, the story and script are okay, I am in.

If you also have been following superhero movie news in the past couple of months or years, you will know that year 2016 is a quite busy year for many of our beloved superheroes both from DC and Marvel Comics.

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