J.J. Abrams Releases a Millennium Falcon Video With Batman's Tumbler In It

I like these two directors, Zack Snyder who is currently working on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and J.J. Abrams who is also filming his current project the Star Wars Episode VII.  Many do not know that these two movie directors have been doing Star Wars-Batman mash ups via images and video since Comic-con 2014 which was started by Zack Snyder tweeting a photo of Henry Cavill while in his Superman suit with hooded robe that resembles a Jedi custome and wielding a lightsaber.

And then it was followed by another photos from Zack Snyder the following weeks. There was even another image he also tweeted where Batman and R2D2 were seemed to be in a desert place. And then that one was followed by J.J. Abrams first mash-up when he tweeted a photo of C3PO in Gotham City with a caption that says "C3PED Crusader". 

Then last week, there was  a rumor roaming around online about one of the batmobiles from Batman v Superman set being stolen, Zack Snyder killed the rumor by tweeting another photo which shows a Stormtrooper being arrested by two Gotham City police officers after getting caught with the said batmobile. 

Today, it's J.J. Abrams turn and he did it in a quite different way, a video clip. This new video below, officially reveals the full-sized prop of a Millennium Falcon which is very famous as Han Solo's beloved space ship. It's a very nice video with a very nice familiar sound in the background. At the end of the clip it reveals Batman's Tumbler which looks like a very tiny one and being, embedded? in the ship. Watch it below. 


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