Game of Thrones' Best Swordsman Joins Star Wars Episode VII

First it was Brienne of Tarth and now it is Syrio Forel of the Game of Thrones to join the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII film and that is according to a news report from BBC News.

Mitlos Yerolemou who played Arya's sword master during the season one of Game of Thrones is the latest actor from GoT, after Gwendoline Christie, to be joining Star Wars franchise. His character played a very memorable one in that season using his skills and technique in using swords as he taught Arya how to wield one.

Mitlos Yerolemou is actually an accomplished swordsman in real life and that might be or definitely the reason why he was cast in the hit HBO TV series. He has also played other roles involving sword fighting. Although his role in the Star Wars film was not revealed, but advised fans that it's not going to be a major one, we can safely assume that he will wield a lightsaber in the movie.

Star Wars Episode VII is currently in filming stage and is scheduled to be released in December 2015. Directed by J.J. Abrams.

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