Nikon Joins The Selfie Community With Coolpix S6900 Camera

We can safely say that selfie is one of the aspects of smartphones and tablets consumers manufacturers have to consider when making and releasing a new device, many of them have developed selfie centered apps and features on their devices to capture the attention of those users who love taking selfie pics.  A good number of devices out there have developed functionalities such as smile-to-capture, wink-to-capture and other gesture based commands to tell the front camera they are ready for the click. Some have put other features on the front facing camera to capture more light and avoid shakey images. Selfie-loving consumers is quite a big market to target these days, and would you be happy to know that Nikon, the maker of many popular DSLRs has just created and announced their own selfie-centered camera? Yes and it is called Nikon Coolpix S6900.

Nikon Coolpix S6900 is said to be the "ultimate selfie camera" as it packs features and functions fit for those people who just love taking photos of themselves or with their friends. Such features are gesture controls, built-in camera stand, front shutter button and many other stuff. The vary-angle LCD monitor is extremely helpful for this purpose as well. Easy sharing is also another function this Coolpix S6900 has, there are WiFi connectivity support and NFC technology which means you can upload your photos directly from the Nikon camera to your social sites or pair the S6900 with other compatible smart devices for easy file sharing through NFC. 

Of course this camera is not all about seflies, it can still be used as a regular photo capturing device with its 16MP backlit sensor with 12x optical zoom lens. Plus there are 20 different scene modes and 33 post-shot effects available. Unfortunately as of writing, pricing and availability have not disclosed yet.

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