Relonch Camera For iPhone Announced, Wants To Take Your Photos To The Next Level

At a recent Photokina event in Germany,  Relonch, a startup company just unveiled an iPhone case with a large ASP-C lens built inside.  The smartphone accessory is simply called the Relonch Camera. One of the best things an iPhone device offers is the quality of the pictures it produces, thanks to Apple's homegrown photography technology to make newer iPhones' cameras better than the predecessors. Relonch Camera aims to take the photo-taking experience and images quality to the next level. 

Relonch Camera features a 50mm equivalent f/2.0 lens and it will be compatible with iPhone 5, 5S and iPhone 6 smartphones and how does it connect to the iOS device? Users simply slide it in on the back panel of the camera case and connects it via the lightning port. This makes the transferring and sharing of photos easy and this also allows users to use other apps of the iPhone while the two are snapped in together. As you can see in the images, the Relonch Camera is a bulky device but the another good thing about this one is it can also act as a backup battery for the iPhones.

The Relonch Camera does not come cheap though. Users can now pre-order this for a price tag of $499 but there is no definite shipping date yet, instead buyers can expect to have this late next year.We will definitely hear more about this camera as it approaches final design, configurations and release date.

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