New Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Ads Poke Fun at Apple's Latest Devices

It's widely known that during the reign of Steve Jobs at Apple, the company did not want to release iPhones with bigger screens. That phones or smartphones were meant to be hold and operated by one hand. And that no one would buy smartphones with massive screens. But when Samsung released the first Galaxy Note back in 2011 and some other Galaxy S devices, it was proven that people really liked big screened devices with Samsung selling millions and millions of units everytime they release new installments of their flagship devices.

And then last week, after years of staying under 4 inches of screen Apple has jumped to as big as 5.5 inches with iPhone 6 Plus. Since that is the case now with Apple, Samsung took the opportunity to release these short ads for their newly unveiled Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the same time poking fun at the Apple's new products. Before we take a look at those commercials, let's see first the iPhone 5 TV ads that was released by Apple and see what it had to say during those days.

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