Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Announced

This is actually a surprise announcement at Samsung's Unpacked event last night in Berlin. Many expected that it was only the Galaxy Note 4 that would be unveiled together with the Gear S smartwatch and the Galaxy Gear VR devices. Right after talking about the Note 4, Samsung introduced the new breed, or a spin-off if you will, phablet, the Galaxy Note Edge.

Note Edge is basically the Note 4 with slight variations aside from its main selling point, the sloping wraparound display on its right side. This part of the screen is customizable where users can set up their most frequently used apps, alerts, notifications, camera and music controls and many others so they can have a quick glance  and access at whatever they put in there without leaving or closing what's currently being displayed on the main screen. 

The screen is a bit smaller than the Note 4 where it is pegged at 5.6" but with the same pixel resolution of 2560x1440. According to GSMArena, the additional or second curved display on the side as another 160 pixels making the Note Edge sporting a total of 1600x2560 pixel arrangement. 

The cameras are the same as found on Note 4 at 16MP for its main one with the same Optical Image stabilization feature to avoid blur when taking pictures with shakey hands. The processors are still the same, it's either a quad-core Snapdragon 805 SoC or an octac-core Exynos 5433 chip depending on the market. Then there is also the Android 4.4.4 Kitkat OS. And of course the S Pen, it won't definitely bear the Note naming without that Samsung stylus pen.

You may read my post about the newly announced Galaxy Note 4 to learn other shared details between these two phablets that were not mentioned here.

Watch below a closer look and hands-on video of Galaxy Note Edge courtesy of CNet.

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